The Dream Car Ashton Kutcher Picked To Cruise Around In From Jay Leno’s Garage

The ‘That ’70s Show’ star is a big fan of American muscle—so big-block, loud, and fast.

Ashton Kutcher is quite the dream guy, enough for Jay Leno to even ignore the one time Kutcher appeared on his show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, wearing nothing but denim, top to toe. But, his look with a red cap and all were so “attractive,” Leno let it slide. Or maybe, he’s just wary of getting punked, by Kutcher.

But this time around, it’s Leno’s turn as he manages to get Kutcher’s pulse up at Jay Leno’s Garage in an episode on YouTube channel CNBC Prime. And Leno does it by showcasing some of Kutcher’s dream cars. A hint: Ashton Kutcher is a big fan of everything big-block, loud, fast. As in American muscle.

Leno starts by leaving Kutcher alone, as he goes off to fetch the first of the three beautiful cars on the show. He teases Kutcher with a big engine rev, and the excitement is palpable as Leno drives in a beautiful red 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Tribute. It’s a restomod, with a 454 ci, as in a 7.4-liter big-block V8, jetting a hefty 650 horses. There’s a GM turbo transmission and a new electronic fuel pump to get the horses going.

Kutcher admits the car is very exciting. He says it all goes back to his childhood, and the dream of a car he wanted to be rolling in. Of course, instead of this, he had a 1983 Ford Escort, and he says it with a self-deprecating expression.

The Chevelle SS is definitely in Kutcher’s “dream car element,” and then Leno pops back in to bring the other one.

As Leno revs the engine, Kutcher listens in to see if he can “call it.” And he does, partly, saying this is not a big block and Leno drives in a minty green El Camino SS 396 Turbo Jet from 1969. It makes 325 horses on a three-speed automatic transmission. The current market value is about $47,000.

Oh, and it’s owned by comedian Jeff Dunham, so while it could be Kutcher’s dream, he cannot drive it off into the sunset. Then again, Kutcher does not want to because he says, he’s scared to drive the El Camino, squirrelly end and all.

This is not American muscle. Or big-block. Or even a V8. This is the Porsche 930 turbo Carrera coupe from 1979, running on a 3.3-liter flat-six, and making a spirited 265 horses on a four-speed manual transmission.

It’s not Ashton’s dream car, per se, but it does belong to his football hero, Walter Payton. Since the engine of the car was being worked on, Kutcher did not get to drive this one. But he did drive the one car he “feared” and the ride was all that his fans could hope for and more. With cops on their tail.

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